All the R packages below are freely available on the CRAN.


Large-scale multiple testing based on a factor-adjusted estimation of the false discovery proportion (see Friguet et al., 2009 [JASA], Causeur et al, 2011 [JSS])


Factor-adjusted feature selection in high-dimensional linear discriminant analysis (see Perthame et al, 2015 [StatCo], Emeline’s webpage)


Functional ANOVA and signal identification for Event-Related Potentials study designs (see Causeur et al, 2012 [BRM], Sheu et al, 2016 [AoAS], Causeur et al, 2020 [Biometrics])


Batch Effect Removal (in Phenotype Prediction using Gene Data) (see Hornung et al, 2016 [BMC Bioinf.], Hornung et al, 2017 [Bioinf.]).